Gateway Drug Screening

DOT/Federal Testing

DOT TestingIf your company is regulated by a Department of Transportation agency, the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance require a special drug screen be performed by your employees.

All drug tests include a review by a Medical Review Officer as required by federal and state regulations.

Gateway Drug Screening also performs regulated breath alcohol testing. All of our collectors are certified Breath Alcohol Technicians that have been trained using DOT approved breath alcohol devices.

Your company may be required to be enrolled in a DOT Consortium or Random Testing Pool.  Depending on the size of your company we will set up a testing pool of just your regulated employees or enter them in a larger consortium with other companies to help reduce testing costs.

We can conduct testing for Pre Employment, Random, Post Accident and Reasonable Cause.  Testing can occur on your site or in our office.

After Hours Post Accident testing available by calling 866-400-7575.